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Racking Systems Are About A Whole Lot More Than Simple Shelving

Regardless of the size, all companies need a storage system in one form or another. It may be to show clothing to clients in an attractive way, to file paperwork or something else altogether. However, one thing is for sure; all businesses need an inexpensive and appropriate way to store business items so that they are accessible, safe and are always found in a state of order.

Racking systems have been designed with exactly that purpose in mind. These systems allow you to store your stock in a safe and orderly way, they keep things professional and organized without losing out on safety or quality. A professional racking system makes the ideal choice for all types of business needs as it is designed to hold up under high levels of stress. That means from heavy items to lightweight products, all of your needs can be well and truly covered.

That being said, when most people hear the term ‘racking systems’ they immediately think of shelving. Certainly, shelving is an effective storage method an one that is often seen, however, the expression ‘racking system’ is used for a large choice of storage systems such as garment rails, vertical sheet racks, pallet racking and the list goes on.

For businesses who are in need of storage for medium weight items, pallet rackings can prove to be the ideal choice. This storage type is made up of a heavy duty metal frame which gives support to the pallets, or decks, which are made of mesh or wood. This system certainly isn’t just about a set of shelves, rather it includes floor fixings and corner protectors to make sure that your storage choice is safe, as well as meeting the necessary health and safety laws.

If you need to store extra heavy items, galvanized pallet racking can prove to be an ideal choice. Garden centres, DIY stores and such like that may need to store bags of soil, concrete or other heavy items will likely find this choice ideal. In addition, since the steel has a zinc coating, corrosion is reduced and the frame is more durable, this makes it suitable for covering your storage needs outdoors.

There are also other items available which do not fit into the typical shelving storage category. One example of such additional items are the plastic ticket holders and notice plates, these make a great addition to the racking system and can be used to help you quickly identify items, this is especially helpful if you plan to store stock in plain cardboard boxes. To allow you to easily sort waste and recycling you can also add a durable and reusable waste storage item called a rack sack, to the end of the majority of racking systems.

Wooden planks, ironing boards and other similar items which tend to be long and thin can be challenging to store on a shelf, this is especially the case when you need to take one fro the storage area. In such situations, a vertical storage option may be a better choice, in fact this provides another example of how racking systems can be about a whole lot more than the usual horizontal shelves. Metalworks shops, DIY stores and such like, can greatly benefit from vertical sheet racks, this allows them to quickly and easily retrieve items for clients.

An advanced form of metal shelving which is a common choice is span bays. Safety clips, deck supports and such like, are included, these have been designed with the ability to bear heavy pressure and work well to keep the warehouse or front of shop safe.

One last point when talking about racking systems which we certainly should not leave out is the garment rack, this being a very popular choice for many companies. Clothing retailers need to have a way of displaying their clothing in a way which is attractive and appealing, or at the other side of the spectrum, construction companies need a place to store and organize jackets and other items of construction clothing which are worn by their workers. In these situations, a garment rack makes a great solution. Instead of all of the items of clothing being piled on top of each other as is the case with a shelf, a garment rack allows items to be hung separately. This, in turn, allows for an easy and quick way to look through the items which are being stored, to take items out and also to them items back in place.